Fire Department Fundraiser Idea: Managing Your Team

Having a good fundraiser idea doesn’t really mean that it will produce the funds that you need for your campaign. But with the right effort and having a properly organized fundraising campaign, you can turn your goals and objectives into a reality.

Here, I will show you the tips that can help you in fire fundraiser organizing and executing an effective fundraiser idea. But first, you’ll need different volunteers for your campaign. Filling up various organizational positions in advance is one way to double your search in key positions so that you can keep your fundraising program up and running in advance. If you already had an experience on fundraisers and filled those spots in advance, you need to clarify to your current volunteer team if they are still interested in doing another fundraising campaign with you. Advertise your fundraiser program as early as possible in order to acquire the volunteers that you need for your fundraising campaign. You must get more volunteers in order to avoid some of them feeling burned out or overworked.

After you have collected enough volunteers, assign one of them to be a chairperson. But this person must be well motivated, has skills in dealing with people, has good time management, good in mathematical skills, experienced in terms of being a leader, strict in work hours, and calm at all times. Just to make sure that person won’t screw up in his/her position along with your program. Keep in track of your expenses at all times in order to maximize your revenue by examining your records of your program. This way, you can identify which ones can be reduced or get rid of. Having control of the prices of your products will help you multiply the net profit of your program.

Never neglect the efforts done by all of your members as well to your supporters. Try to let your members have fun during the program so they could enjoy working in your fundraising program. Saying thank you to your members and supporters is the best way to be grateful for their efforts. Saying this phrase will never be undervalued, so do it as much as you can. You will be capable of motivating your volunteers to keep working harder by letting them know that what they’re doing is a great help for the achievement of the goals of your campaign. Work with your volunteers so that you can show to them that you are not just their boss that takes orders, sitting and relaxing inside his office but as an equal member of the program that is willing to help his co-members to accomplish the goals of the program.

You must have a list of your volunteers including their abilities. Group them based on their abilities and assign them some tasks related to their abilities. You don’t want a math geek doing advertising unless they are willing to do such task. Giving them tasks which are related to their abilities will make things easier for them to work on.


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